Student Testimonials

“My 11 year old daughter Lea loves spending time at the barn, and with one visit you would know why. Lea’s riding instructor, Jen, has many great techniques in teaching children how to ride. Not only did Lea learn quickly, but Jen’s constant focus on safety really gave me peace of mind. We have been in the lesson program for three years now and the friendliness, expertise, and love for horses is very evident, as is their years of experience with horses These past three years have been some of the most rewarding and wonderful learning experiences my daughter has ever had.”

— Angela Karl, Colfax, Wisconsin

“I am an adult learning dressage. Using imagery and logical steps, Jen keeps lessons interesting and easy to understand. I don’t need further proof that her techniques work, but I am tickled when everything I read about classical riding reinforces what I learn from Jen and confirms that she uses the proper methods in training both me and my horse. I know, too, that she customizes her lesson program for any age rider, and the kids just love her. She is always positive and enthusiastic, celebrating every shared success. I am always happy to recommend Jen as a horse trainer and riding instructor.”

— Tricia Aspen, Aspen Springs Farm, Colfax, Wisconsin

“Lessons with Jen are easy to understand, fun, and safe. Jennifer takes time to figure out your skill level, and the mind of your horse. Her students flourish under her instruction, and she has really helped me achieve my goals with my horse.”

— Staci Gust, Colfax, Wisconsin

“Jen has a great lesson program. Jen has a way with people and horses and is knowledgeable in many different types of riding. The lesson program here also helps you meet new people. I have made so many friends and all of them are great people just as dedicated as me. We have forged bonds that will never be broken, and we have this program to thank.”

— Jenna Wayerski, Arkansas, WI

“Being outside in the fresh air, using muscles you didn’t know existed, and understanding that each horse has its own unique personality has been wonderful. What a fun experience and challenge to learn to ride a horse properly. Jennifer is a knowledgable teacher, gentle in her approach to teaching students as well as in training horses. She has a great depth of experience and expertise in horse pyschology. If you have envisioned yourself learning to ride, becoming comfortable around horses, experiencing what is involved in the keeping and care of a horse or dreamed of owning your own horse one day — lessons with Jennifer is a great place to start.”

— Becky Anderson Hinwood, Colfax, WI

“My daughter started lessons with Jennifer after her previous trainer stopped giving riding instruction. My daughter has learned many new things in her training with Jennifer. The other students riding there are very friendly and have been great welcoming us. The grounds and set up at the barn is great. Jennifer has been helpful in so many ways –searching for and finding a new horse for us, coordinating her arrival at the barn, and training her for my daughter. Thanks for all that you’ve done! We look forward to a fun summer with everyone at the barn!!!”

— Robbin and Ashley Deen, Eau Claire, WI

“My daughter enrolled in lessons in October of 2005. Jennifer Collman puts so much compassion into her lessons, putting her lessons in such a way that kids understand what she’s teaching. The atmosphere at is great. I am so thankful that we found Jennifer. She is a very good instructor, and her enthusiasm is contagious, carrying that enthusiasm on to her students. We couldn’t be happier than we are at here!”

— Julie and Ashley Alix, Chippewa Falls, WI

“Me and my cousin love riding in lessons with Jennifer. My cousin lives in California and she visits in the summer. We love riding here because we have a nice teacher and she has very nice horses. We learn a lot of new things about horses. We like to ride Mindy and Libby and Joe because they are very sweet horses. We love horses because we get to ride them and learn new things, and because we love the smell of horses!”

— Lexi Albright, Colfax, WI age 8, and Camrin Dressel, San Juan Capistrano, CA, age 6

“I like taking lessons with Jennifer because she is very nice and is good at explaining new things. All the other people here are very nice and if you have a question you can ask them. The horses here are all very sweet (and cute, too!)”

— Jessica Anderson, age 12, Colfax, WI

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