Lesson FAQs

How long are riding lessons?

Riding lessons are 50-60 minutes. You are expected to be ready to ride at the beginning of your scheduled time. Beginners who need assistance catching and tacking up their horse are an exception. Since catching and tacking up the horse is part of learning to be a good horseperson, this is part of the lesson. However, your first lesson will be scheduled for 2 hours, including an orientation of the stable as well as information about safety, horse handling, and tacking up.

Can I come out to watch a few lessons before enrolling?

Absolutely. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment to come out and watch.

What will we do for our first lesson?

Your first riding lesson, beginner or not, will be twice the normal amount of time. During the first part, you will be familiarized with the stable’s layout, rules and policies, as well as where your horse is kept and which tack you will be using. The second part will be riding.

Does your stable have a list of rules?

The stable has a very strict set of rules that are included in your welcome packet. These rules are mostly safety guidelines and are designed to keep everyone (and the horses) safe. Students who wish to take their lessons at the stable need to take these rules seriously for the safety of themselves, others, and the horses.

Are students supportive of each other or is it more competitive?

Our stable is very sure to make everyone’s riding experience here positive and encouraging. Our students always try their best, and any comments made should be to congratulate their efforts. Negative remarks, name calling, teasing, or making fun of any rider, someone’s horse, or someone’s performance will not be tolerated and may be cause for expulsion from farm activities. Report any incidents of this to your instructor immediately.

What am I expected to do after my lesson is done?

You are expected to clean up after yourself. Sweep up your dirt and put things away. Tack is to be clean after every use. If it needs cleaning, the stable staff can show you where the tack cleaning supplies are located. If you are caught putting your tack away dirty, you will likely end up cleaning a LOT more tack.

Is it okay to leave my child at the stable to “hang out” with their riding buddies?

We pride ourselves as a constructive outlet for kids, and our stable is often busy with youth who enjoy just being with both their friends and horses. Parents are welcome to either drop off their children for lessons or to watch and or videotape lessons. Responsible, mature riders are welcome to enjoy the horses and being with their friends if the stable rules are followed. Playdates need to be scheduled with your instructor.

Is there any opportunities to ride a horse for pleasure, without instruction?

Yes.  We encourage students to ride for fun, or to go for a trail ride once they are capable. All of the lesson horses are available for partial-lease, which can be a very affordable alternative to buying a horse of your own.

What do I do if I feel unsafe or nervous in a situation with a horse?

It is imperative that you remove yourself from any situation in which you feel unsafe. If you are leading a horse who becomes agitated, aggressive, or frightened, you are to LET GO of the horse and remove yourself to a safe place. We are more concerned about the safety of the handler than the horse – we don’t want anyone to get hurt. If you do need to set a horse loose, IMMEDIATELY notify any stable staff member or any competent horse person nearby who can handle the situation safely. In regard to riding, it is important to reveal fears to your instructor, as we will not ask you to perform a task that makes you uncomfortable or frightened.

Do all of the students show?

Although some students show to some degree, there are certainly those that choose not to show for various reasons. We will be sure to ask if you would like to participate in any upcoming events, but we do not pressure anyone to show that wishes not to. However, we do encourage all students to attend shows as spectators, as well as clinics and other events for purely educational merit.

Do you start students in an English or a western saddle?

Almost every student will start riding in an English or hunt-seat saddle, although some western enthusiasts have opted to start in western. Riding English in the beginning stages develops a more balanced rider more quickly. It helps develop feel and an independent seat much faster than in a western saddle. Once the basics have been achieved, the student may choose which direction to take their riding, be it dressage, jumping, pleasure, equitation, etc. We cater to many different styles of riding, but we do not teach driving or saddle-seat style riding. If a student wishes to persue one of the disciplines we do not teach, we will help you find a different riding school that offers it.

Do I need my own helmet?

Students are not required to have their own helmets, as we have many schooling helmets for use in lessons. However, riding in a sweaty helmet that is always adjusted to someone else’s head does encourage some to buy their own. If you choose to purchase your own helmet, it must be ASTM and SEI approved. There is a label stating safety certifications on the box and on a tag inside the helmet. Helmets for bike riding, rollerblading, motorcycling, etc. are not approved for equestrian use and cannot be used for riding lessons.

What if I am late?

If you are late for your lesson, you may miss part of your lesson. We usually schedule our lessons back-to-back and we can’t hold up the whole day if someone is late.

What if I can’t make it to a lesson?

If you are sick or have some other reason that you can’t make it to your lesson, please call to cancel your lesson as soon as possible.

Do you do riding lessons year round?

Yes. We ride all 12 months of the year.

What do we do in the case of inclement weather?

We do not do riding lessons in temperatures in excess of a heat index over 100 degrees. We also do not do lessons in conditions of extreme or dangerous weather watches and warnings. If any of these conditions exist, call to verify the extreme conditions and cancel your lesson. It is possible that the stable may contact you to cancel the lesson if we notice extreme conditions are eminent.

Can I pay for lessons in packages?

Yes. You can purchase lesson packages of 4 or 8. Discounts apply, and see the current price sheet for details.

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