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It may seem that having a foundation in dressage and natural horsemanship is somewhat contradictory when it comes to training horses.  But these methods, however different they may seem, are based on similar concepts which allow a harmonious partnership without the use of force, intimidation, or mechanics and teach the rider to work with, not against the horse.

The origins of these methods lie in the natural ability of the horse and its movements in the wild. In fact, most definitions of both methods state that the goal is to have the horse perform under saddle with the degree of athleticism, grace and playfulness that it naturally shows when free. This origin also points out why our trainers believe that every healthy horse, regardless its breed, can be trained to perform these movements and forge trusting relationships with human beings as strong as those they create between the members of their herd. The psychological dimension is all too often ignored or neglected, although it is every bit as important as the physical one. Understanding how to bring out this althleticism, grace and playfulness can only be achieved without force, and thus must employ the use of a greater understanding of equine psychology, behavior and needs.

These philosophies are universal, reaching into multitudes of disciplines and helping horses and owners from the recreational trail rider to the highest levels of all types of competition. In addition to producing national-level competitors, countless “hopeless” horses have been rehabilitated and turned into safe and reliable partners for a human that decided to give them another chance. From sour competition horses, aggressive horses, timid horses, the quirky to the extreme, our team of trainers have helped horses and their owners find common ground.

As opposed to “breaking” horses, establishing trust, communication and respect with the horse ensures far greater results and in a substantially shorter amount of time. The product of this approach is a horse who wants to be with you and work for you.


The strength, power and gracefulness that horses possess is often the source of our attraction to them, but that strength also gives them the capability to exert unbelievable force when threatened, potentially causing tragic injuries. In the past, horse training was all about dominating the horse physically, so the task of breaking and training was borne exclusively by tough and brave cowboys who could take the bumps and bruises. Today, the horse’s role in our lives has changed from from utility to mostly recreation and sport. As more and more families, children, seniors, and more recently, handicapped riders take to horsemanship as a way to unwind, relax and provide daily enjoyment, the nature of horsemanship and specifically the training of horses has taken a very profound turn. As people that may be less rough, tough, or able bodied than the archetypical cowboy enter the horsemanship scene, new methods that employ the use of psychology are beginning to turn up all over the world. Trainers using these methods still have their share of critics, but they have also given rise to hundreds of thousands of people experiencing results that they feel are nothing short of phenomenal. By using psychology as opposed to physical force, this program teaches you how all behavioral or training issues can be broken down into extraordinarily simple, step-by-step solutions that do not require you to use physical strength or put yourself in harm’s way.


Just like people, every horse has their own unique history and innate needs, motivations and fears. This program will help you understand your own horse’s unique personality and thus give you greater insight into why your horse might react to things differently than another horse. The ability to immediately and accurately read your horse’s body language and recognize the difference between fearfulness versus dominance, instinctiveness versus learned behaviors, playfulness versus agression, is essential for your safety and furthered education. You will learn how the horse’s mind operates, how it percieves and retains information, how a horse learns and how you know that the horse understands your requests. By giving you a deeper awareness of your horse’s needs as a learner, you’ll learn how to understand, teach, and train your horse in ways you might have never thought possible.


A solid training program is not only an investment in your horse, but in your own education in bettering yourself as a rider and horseman. By offering a systematic program that brings both the horse and the rider’s contributions to the issue at hand, this program can ensure success that lasts. Through observation of other training programs that discourage or even refuse owner participation, those methods typically have a high rate of failure and leave the owner feeling lost, frustrated, and as if they have made a poor investment. We believe that the horse is a mirror of you, and without being the best horseman you can be, the problems will remain unsolved and will resurface when the horse returns home. By encouraging the owner to participate as much as possible, we ensure that your results not only stick for life, but continue to grow even after your experience with us is complete. In understanding the horse’s nature, how to read his body language and react appropriately, you will become a rider that instinctively knows what to do, how to do it, and why. Many people often find these solutions to be universal and are able to apply them to future issues, and even other horses they have back at home.

By getting owners on the right track, their eagerness to continue their education expands once their horse returns home. When the owner feels confident about picking up where we leave off, they are encouraged to do so, with tips and advice if they ever become stuck. As oppossed to other training programs that can evolve into escalating costs and diminishing hopes, our clients graduate with a clear path to success that they can pursue without having direct or daily assistance.

To keep your education going, the program offers access to clinics and seminars exclusive to our training and riding instruction clientel, online assistance with access to a database of informational articles, social networks to help you connect with others, and monthly e-newsletters loaded with news, insights, training solutions and horse care tips.

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